Outreach activities

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) National Convention

This the
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) National Convention
was held in Orlando, FL in March 21, 2008. The UCF College of Engineering & Computer Science had sponsored college
visits for 120 high school junior & seniors during the convention. The two
groups of students (60 each) have visited UCF and participated in an
information session about the college followed by the selected lab tours. The
lab tours were coordinated by the CECS Academic Affairs Office. The NetMoC lab was one of the labs participating in the event and students in our team recognition group at the NetMoC lab and undergraduate students made presentations and demos of our research projects.

Computing Research Association – Women (CRA-W)

Dr. Bhanja from University of South Florida has hosted the
CRA-W Distinguished
lecture series for motivating young undergraduate women into graduate studies
in October 5, 2007. Following the distinguished speaker Prof. Mary Jane Irwin
(Penn-state University), Dr. Turgut was invited to participate in the panel
with other female faculty and graduate students. She has presented the
current research projects and discussed her experience as a female
undergraduate, graduate student, and now as a female faculty (one of the three women out of a total of 60 faculty in the School of EECS at UCF). The sponsor of
this event was Computer Research Association’s Committee on the Status of Women
in Computing Research (CRA-W) which is in turn funded by NSF and other
organization. Details of the distinguished lecture series can be found at

Expanding Your Horizons

The Expanding Your Horizons Conference was held at UCF on Saturday, March 31,
2007. The conference hosted 250 middle school girls and their parents to
introduce them to careers in technology. The purpose of this event was to
introduce science and engineering to middle school girls and encourage them to
consider careers in these fields. Dr. Turgut, being one of the three female
faculty in our School of EECS, has made presentations, demos and informal
discussions on her experience in computer science and engineering field in the
last fifteen years. The NetMoC Lab has also been participated in the same event
in 2006. For more information, please contact Expanding your Horizons
Coordinators, Jackie Sullivan and Joanne Kiriazes, eyh@mail.ucf.edu.

Expanding your horizons Expanding your horizons

Expanding your horizons Expanding your horizons