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Human Teamwork 2

This dataset has been recorded an annotated by Moshe Benzanguen and Meenakshi L. during summer 2009. The workflow was essentially identical to the dataset created in Summer 2008 but we concentrated on more complex interaction patterns, with the participants taking several different roles. Another new aspect is that for most team actions we recorded both the correctly executed team action as well as incorrectly executed versions (under various failure models).The following is provided for each sequence in the dataset

  • A spreadsheet with an explanation of the team action, roles of the participants, whether the action was correctly executed or not.
  • Video is provided as a sequence of .jpeg images at a resolution of 960×540 or 640×480 (specifics provided in XML file).
  • Annotations are provided in XML format using the Viper GT annotation tool
  • Coordinate system conversion matrices (i.e., homographies) are provided as plain text to allow for conversion between the image coordinate system (in pixels) to the ground plane coordinate system (in inches)
  • Each Agent’s position and heading (i.e., body orientation) is annotated
  • For teamwork actions requiring annotated targets (e.g., military exercises that make use of cover), their positions are provided

The following patterns are featured in the dataset:

  • Bullying
    • group of people bullying a person
    • one person bullying another in open space
    • one person bullying another against a wall
  • Pick pocketing
    • diverting the attention of the victim by a person falling down
    • diverting attention by bumping into the victim
  • Stalking
    • In a crowd
    • Only two people present
  • Bodyguards protecting a VIP
    • 2 bodyguards + VIP + intruder
    • 2 bodyguards + VIP + diverting agent + intruder

Screen-shots:Download:Full dataset – warning: 3.4GB!!!Browse the dataset on the ftp site

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